Margherita*                          9,-

tomato saus, mozzarella, basil

and olive oil


Margherita Verace*          11,-

tomato saus, buffalo mozzarella,

fresh tomatoes, basil and olive oil


Napoletana                         12,-

tomato saus, mozzarella, oregano,

olives, anchovies, capers and olive oil


Prosciutto e funghi           12,-

tomato saus, mozzarella, mushrooms,

cooked ham, basil an cooked ham


Capricciosa                          13,-

tomato saus, mozzarella, artichoke,

olives, cooked leg-ham, mushrooms,

basil and olive oil


Vegetariana*                      12,-

tomato saus, mozzarella, grilled

vegetables, goat cheese, olive oil

and oregano


Gamberi di Fiume              13,-

tomato saus, river crayfish, bell

pepper,  garlic, samphire and olive oil


Salsiccia fresca e tartufo   14,-

tomato saus, mozzarella, Italian

sausage, truffle sauce and olive oil


Carchiofi e stracchino        13,50

stracchino (creamy cow cheese),

buffala mozzarella, rocket and

artichokes, very tasty with Coppa di Parma or San Daniele ham ( € 2,00 extra)




Diavola                                  13,50

tomato saus, mozzarella, spicy 

salami, eggplant, basil and olive



4 Formaggi*                        14,-

tomato saus, mozzarella, gorgonzola,

provolone, parmesan and basil


Asparagi verde                   14,50

buffala mozzarella, green asparagus,

coppa di Parma, provolone and olive



Parmigiana                            15,-

tomato saus, buffala mozzarella,

rocket, San Daniele ham, parmesan,

basil and olive oil




Margherita*                             6,50

tomato saus, mozzarella, basil and 

olive oil


Prosciutto e funghi                8,50

tomato saus, mozzarella, mushrooms,

cooked ham, basil and olive oil




 With * marked dishes are vegetarian.