Focaccia                              4,50

oven bread with rosemary,

sea salt and olive oil


Focaccia capperi e           5,30


oven bread with capers and

anchovies and olive oil


Focaccia caprina               5,30

oven bread with goat cheese

and olive oil 


Focaccia parmigiano e     5,30


oven bread with bell pepper,

parmesan and olive oil


Bruschetta (2 stuks)        6,50

toasted bread with garlic,

tomatoes and basil


Bresaola della Valtellina  9,50

dried beef-ham with rocket,

parmesan and olive oil



       Vitello tonnato                 8,50

slices off thin veal-meat with

tuna-mayonnaise and capers


Salame pecorino e olive  7,50

Italian salami, pecorino

cheese and olives 


Piatto di carne                  9,50

San Daniele ham, Coppa di

Parma, Salami en Bresaola




Insalata verde                   4,50

different types of salad with

balsamico and olive oil


Caprese                              7,50

with tomatoes, buffalo

mozzarella, basil and olive oil


Insalata con Burratta            9,- 

different types of salad with Burrata